Have you been dreaming of having your own retail business, but the thought of starting from scratch is daunting?

If you could buy a ready-made business’ branding, structure, established clientele and vendor list, along with that business’ cache, and make it your own, taking its future in whatever direction you wish, would that excite you?

Do you believe in the concept of buying, reselling and wearing recycled merchandise?  If the answer to these questions is yes…please read on!

Hi…this is Cindy McCartney, and I established Diva Designer Consignment in September 2006.  It was the best decision I ever made…I have thoroughly enjoyed growing and nurturing this boutique over these years and am thrilled that it has turned into something our customers cherish.


As you may know, my family and I are relocating to Florida this spring and retiring from retail—it is time for a new chapter for us.  Is 2019 the year for you to turn a page and begin a new chapter as well??

After much encouragement and many inquiries, I have decided to entertain offers for the purchase of the Diva brand.  There is such an unlimited and untapped growth potential for this brand, and its purchase would afford the new buyer the opportunity to take the brand and hit the ground running with it in whatever direction they choose. This would eliminate the need for spending months and months on new brand development and structure, not to mention building a reputation and an identity Diva Designer Consignment already has firmly in place.


If you read this and it piques your serious interest in learning more, please email us at divaboutique@comcast.net.  We will get back to you with more information and answer questions you may have.  There are a few guidelines and parameters in regards to this offering, about which you should be aware:


  • There is a limited window for the offering to be in play.  We anticipate closing bids by 23 January 2019

  • Please…only reach out to us if you are serious about the possibility of taking on the brand.  If our conversation progresses to the next level, we will both sign a confidentiality agreement to protect both parties’ privacy.

  • We will entertain serious bids from interested parties.  If we reach an agreement, we will need to establish a guarantee of payment prior to any transition occurring.

  • Diva is presently located at 116 South Pitt Street in Alexandria, VA 22314.  If the successful bidder desires to remain at this location, all conversation, lease negotiation and terms in relation to this are strictly between the new owner and the present landlords.  We will put you in touch with them if this is the case.


This could truly be an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to develop a business, enhance what has already been established and taking it into the next decade with new directions.  The possibilities really are limitless!

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